Why I Love The Prison Cells

The door was kicked down
My wife was still in her night gown
They yelled and they swore
As they took me away, out the door
My child began to scream and cry out loud
As if his father was wrapped in his shrouds
I turned my face around, desperate to see him
He came running towards me, touching my legs with his chin
I cried as I looked up towards my wife
She was my shield, the only woman in my life
I told her not to worry; my deen will travel with me
She nodded her head, as she wiped my tears off me
I was chucked into the van, as if I was the mail
They drove me to dark chambers, also known as the Jail
I spent hours alone, with the darks walls around (me)
Silent it was; the clock ticking the only sound
Minutes, hours and days later, I was subsequently charged
With crimes I had never committed, the news hit me hard
I was a Muslim living in Britain… practising my belief
Not a murderer, rapist, paedophile or even a thief
When my wife came to visit me, I had to be strip-searched
As if I had explosives with me, to bomb a Christian church
Only half an hour with my wife, and child – that was it
What had I done, which made me fall into such a ditch?!
The reason why I was there, was because of the identity I held
I hadn’t called for anything – words of Islam were what I yelled
A dawah stall each week, to call people to my deen
Accepting it will be pleasure, in gardens which no eye has seen
A couple of months later, I was sentenced for LIFE
They said I plotted to murder, and take away innocent lives
What could I do, other than to raise my hands up high?
My Lord! You are my protector, my Lord above the sky
Whilst the earth praises you 24-7
The praise is not enough, for the Lord of the Heavens
Hence I will continue to praise you, upon every second of my life
Verily we have been created, to give and sacrifice!
I spent many years deep inside my cold cell
Though it kept me firm, as it reminded me of hell (situation will be worse)
Year after year, I spent alone with my Lord
The Qur’aan was my shield, the Sunnah my Sword
But as every soul shall witness death, I could not escape
My time had come, for me to leave the world I hate
Ashadul Allah Illaha Illallah – were my last words
I pray my soul is placed in the hearts of green birds
I left my wife, child and wealth all behind
What I gained was Jannah, a place which always shines
May my wife and my child reach the gardens I ended in
Which was gained with the good – and without the sin
My life in the dunya may seemed hard at the time
But the palace I am granted, is now all mine
I will never be arrested from here, nor taken away
Which is why I now love the Prison cells – even today!

Written by anonymous


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  1. Umm Ayyub Said:

    SubhanAllah this poem is amazing- May Allah swt grant the brothers and sisters in prison with Jannatul Firdous, may He swt protect their honour and grant them sabr in their hardship.



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