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Miscarriage Of Justice

 How many Muslims have they Captured,
Miscarriages of Justice Manufactured.
Depriving them of the freedom they Deserve,
Separating them from the ones they Love.
Injustice in the name of Democracy,
In truth it’s nothing but Hypocrisy.
Illegally tortured in their secret Prisons,
The price we pay for being Muslim Citizens.
From your dependant children you’re taken Away,
For the agenda of oppressors they must Pay.
You only ever live life Once,
Now imagine it in a cell without a Chance.
An issue we choose to ignore Today,
Whilst people still suffer in Guantanamo Bay.
What will it take for you to Realise?
Their racist plots have begun to Materialise.
Restrained and confined by control Orders,
A developing police state over shadows Us.
Invasion of privacy at their Discretion,
Call it a security measure; yet another Deception.
God is on the side of the Oppressed,
So never let this issue get you Depressed.
Now is the time that we are being Tested,
Or will we truly realise when we’re also Arrested?

Written by Silent Wind


Happy Eid

O Crescent, Depart!

They said:
The Happy Eid is coming…

Happy Eid? While the earth is still wet
with the blood of the shaheed (martyr)?
And the war has tired itself
And loathed those she perishes

A Happy Eid in the palaces of the pampered
A miserable Eid in the tents of the refugees
Oh Crescent, Our footsteps have grown old
And Happiness is still very far from us

Disappear O Crescent!
Do not come with your happy Eid
With groans
I do not want an Eid with a cut aorta

Do you think Eid is in sweets?
And new clothing?
Do you think Eid is a compliment
underlined in a newspaper?

Depart Oh Crescent,
And appear when the time will smile
And when the flames of tribulations will die out

Come to us
When the evening will be covered with our smiles
and when the snow on our paths will melt

Come to us with fragrance
With Glory and Clear Victory

Come to us with a full healing for Muslims
This is the Happy Eid
And other than that for us is not an Eid

Depart oh Crescent
Till You see this Ummah’s flags
Waving high with pride
For there is Eid in there

What Eid?
When the distressed are smiling with the happy?

Cry Of The Imprisoned

الحمد لله العلي المتعال ذي القدرة و الجلال و الصلاة و السلام علي النبي الضحوك القتال

From the humble slave of Allâh, to my beloved brothers and sisters, Assalaamu alaikum 

I praise Allâh for he is worthy of praise for all the bounties He has bestowed upon this sinful slave. He who has chosen me with guidance amongst the ways of the misguided, in which, I was drowning. He who bestowed upon me knowledge with His Mercy alone and not due to any of my actions and guided me to the blessed path of Jihad. So for Him, Allâh, my Rabb be all the praise. Having now being tested with what already you all are aware of, I have to say as my salaf said, from them Ibn Taimiyah (RH),

“What can my enemies do to me?
If they imprison me,
then it is my place of worship,
If they send me to another land,
It is my place to call to Allâh
If they kill me,
Then I shall be a martyr”

I add,

If they beat me,
then it is either an evaluation of status or forgiveness of sins
If they curse me,
Angels will reply as long as I am patient
If they hold me,
then I shall get the reward of a Mujâhid and a Muhâjir,
as their clutches are only what holds me from it (InshaAllâh) “

O lights in the darkness of ignorance, I am now being tested for the words I have uttered and said, thus jail is more beloved to me than to leave what I know from the knowledge, may Allâh give me patience upon the truth and firmness. And by Allâh the words of truth lay lifeless until its companion gives life to it, with his blood tears and life…

The solitude and darkness of these cells teaches many things, gives us time to think over the dark days in which I was drowned in many sins, teaches us to ponder about many things in which we were neglectful. And all these are from Allâh alone.

If you ask me about my status, then I shall say Alhamdulillah , I am in so much bounties of Allâh that, were you to become aware of it, it might raise jealousy. But from us are those who are tested more than me, thus beaten severely till they fainted, or their hairs plucked until they bled, and their heads beaten on walls. All this are done by the dogs of taghût while his scholars are giving him (taghût) full support “to fight extremism.” But as I write this, none is facing any torture and all the tortures have stopped Alhamdulillah !

Fear occurs when one thinks he might loose his beloved to him, from his freedom to his wives and kids and wealth and health and life, so the one who has already sacrificed it for His Rabb has nothing to fear, as he has nothing to loose, as he is certain that what he sacrificed for Allâh will surely be returned to him in much great quantity and a higher quality. As for his life?, to live for eternity. As for his wealth? to what which neither grieves him nor perishes, with a quality which cannot even be dreamed of… As for his wife? Then likes of husband the hûr-ul-‘ains, of their beauty one cannot match, – as for their children? Then with them forever in paradise. As for his health? then to where neither they get sick no face any pain. So in short, he does not sacrifice anything accept he is given better. But all the loss and sadness is upon the wretched who holds to what grieves him and what shall perish or grow old forgetting and leaving what is for eternity and what I described above. So if this certainty takes root in his heart, then they shall not fear and shall endure patience upon what they face.

What has the one who is certain that Allâh is with fear? For Allâh made a hot burning great fire to be something cool and harmless, He saved Yunus (AS) from the belly of a whale, He opened the sea and cut it into half and paved the way for Musa (AS). So if one is tested, he must get close to Allâh, thus when the time comes he will surely be saved.

Of the greatest examples I saw in the Qur’an, the magicians of pharaoh, Subhanallah, what faith! The biggest tyrant, the one with many lands and armies, the one with the support of the public, warning to torture them, to cut their limbs to crucify them… But what was their answer? So firm, so straight with so much certainty, so certain that this tyrant is weaker than a fly in front of Allâh, so they said “Judge, what you are to judge!” Subhanallah ! Its true meaning and its sensitivity is only truly understood when one is in the cross lines of losing his beloved ones and freedom, between bowing to a taghût… And Allâh only saves.

I have to say, dear beloved brothers and sisters, though I want to name the closest of you to my heart, I leave as to include you all, know that you are not forgotten in my prayers. I never met, yet closer to me than my kin, you are my family. Although short a time I may have spent with you, you are not forgotten and I hope Allâh will gather us in a place much better.

Though I am under trial, I am upon the beliefs which I left you, and although I am disliked by many for my harshness towards the governmental scholars or scholars of the taghût I have only increased in certainty about graveness of their mistakes. I seek Allâh’s pleasure in only what I believe, for were it for another cause, there are much easier ways. I believe what I believe based on proofs and interpretation of the salaf of those proofs. So if I am wrong I hope Allâh will forgive me. Sometime I despair and my heart gets uncomfortable due to the fewness of those who are upon what I am, and I fear I might be seized in the Day of Judgment, and then I remember the proofs and I hope to say to Allâh “O Allâh! This is why this slave of your believed what he believed” and show why I did believe (though Allâh knows everything). So yes again and again I repeat beware of the scholars of the taghût, make people aware of them, none has damaged the religion as they did. Even here all the trials and torture we face are justified by them and they (police) are made to think that they are upon a good Jihad upon which they will be rewarded; they are made to think they will enter paradise, while they are fighting against Islam! I ask you, fear Allâh! Are we to praise and respect those who the direct ones responsible for this result? They are nothing but from the army of the taghût. Lots of confusion will depart were you to judge them with your religion and were you to know “not everyone we judge upon to be kufr is necessarily a kafir in the hereafter, but rather might be excused of an excuse we are unaware of. But that does not prevent us from ruling upon him what he shows apparently, this after the necessary measures which are available in the fundamentals of takfir.

Everyone imprisoned or put to trial must understand that only what is “written” upon him will reach him. After every difficulty there is an ease. There are but few days in this world. And Allâh is with righteous, pious and patient slave. So do not despair upon the trials of the world as there is eternity to it Hope for the Mercy of Allâh while being patient and pious, Allâh will not waste the reward of those who do good.

Beloved brethren, fear Allâh and know that this religion will not rise but after sacrifices, the earth will not get better until it is given the blood of the martyrs, do not be deceived by the increase of those who run towards destruction and do not be sad due to the fewness of those upon truth, as the religion will become strange as it started, but hold fast upon the clear proofs which will testify your innocence on the Day of Judgment. I am but to you a sincere advisor.

Shed no tears for us, but strive to save the likes of us. Having read the letter of Fatima, my trials are nothing compared to her. By Allâh her letter never left my pocket since I read it except for once and her cry yet haunts me… Brothers! Run to help the likes of her! And let not the false hopes and false plans prevent you. By Allâh, we cannot be saved but after giving our blood for it.

We have read and learnt and heard a lot, and it is already late; we need action, to stand with what Allâh commands without fear or any compromise. For “were we to stand as the Sahaba did, we would indeed be victorious as they were.” The road is paved with what the body dislikes. So be firm and patient.

At the end we say “If you ask us, then we care not about the tyrants and now do we bow to them. Jail us! Chain us! Torture us and kill us! Our limbs that you cut, our bones that you crush, our flesh in which you thrusts, our blood that you shed are already given to its Creator. But you can never reach our souls InshaAllâh and how much you crush the material body and bury it, the spirit will stand high and cannot be crushed. Inshallah.

O Allâh! Pour patience upon us, keep us firm, and forgive our sins and give us victory upon the kuffar and be sufficient f or us against them with what you wish!

حسبنا الله و نعم الوكيل

Wa alaykum assalaam

Any mistake in it is from me, please forgive me and correct it….
Jazakumullah khayran

Written by a mujahid brother from behind bars who wishes to remain anonymous

“Which is better for a person…”

A man asked ash-Shafi’ee and said: O Abu ‘Abdullah! Which is better for a person, to gain power or to be afflicted?
So ash-Shafi’ee said: One will not gain power until he is afflicted. For indeed Allah afflicted Nuh, Ibrahim, Musa, ‘Esa and Muhammad, may the Salawat of Allah and Salam be upon them all. So when they were patient, they gained power, so let not anyone think at all that he is free from pain.

(Madarij as-Salikeen by Ibn-ul-Qayyim 2/283).

Restrained Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech; the pride of the West,
To this inconsistent concept they are Obsessed.

Let me show you how this concept is Flawed,
Like a placebo tablet; a collateral Fraud!

A restriction on speech; even one Limitation,
Freedom becomes destroyed by its core Definition.

So what do we find upon closer Examination,
Hypocrisy and Contradiction in judicial Application.

So they say you can’t incite Terrorism,
It proves false your indispensable Patriotism.

This is just a mere Example,
Of how the notion is flawed in Principle.

So in reality its limited Speech,
Like every other nation its offender you Impeach.

You condone the incitement of various Crimes,
The effects of which have materialised numerous Times.

Have you forgotten the death of Jamie Bulger?
It was the incitement you condoned that resulted in Murder.

The exposure of violence depicted so Raw,
Poisoned their minds with no regard for the Law.

You Incite and Glamorise illegal Drugs,
Killing and stealing people acting like Thugs.

Rappers singing about rape and Drive-By’s,
But its the ‘Poetic Lyricist’ that you Criticise!

Social morality begins to Decay,
But you never think to change your Way.

Incitement of Terrorism is not the Point,
It’s the inconsistent application of your Viewpoint.

Incitement of crime in the guise of Movies and Rap,
Only the ignorant will fail to see your Trap.

How many a youngster has Scar face Inspired?
To all these crimes committed you’ve partly Conspired.

Can’t you see there’s no freedom of Speech,
What’s more is your practice is far from what you Preach.


Written By Silent Wind

Verily After Every Hardship There Is Ease

Alhamdulillah Samina has been given a suspended 9 month sentence today. This means she is free but if she does anything wrong in the next 18 months then she will have to do the 9 months in prison. She says jazaak Allah khair to all those who supported her and prayed for her throughout her ordeal and she is grateful it is over now.

So verily, with the hardship, there is relief, Verily, with the hardship, there is relief. So when you have finished, then stand up for Allâh’s worship. And to your Lord turn your invocations. Quran 94:5-8

We thank Allah subhanu wa ta’ala for the release of this sister and ask Him to release our other sisters who are also due to endure the same as samina and maybe worse, May Allah ease their burden and grant them patience and success, Ameen.

Don’t forget your Sister Samina

A reminder to all the brothers and sisters that sister samina’s sentencing is tomorow, please keep her in your dua’s, May Allah free her from the hands of the Taghut and oppressors.

Remember Allah will ask you, what did you do for your sister!

 “Abu Hamdun (one of the Tabi’in) had a scroll on which was written the names of three hundred of his close friends, and he used to supplicate for them – one by one – every single night.”

[‘Sifat as-Safwah’; 1/49]

Remember your sister in your duas tonight, remember her in your Qunoot, remember her at the time of tahujjud, remember her whilst you will be busy with your dunya tomorrow, remember where she will be!

O Allah grant our sister patience!

Sa‘d ibn Abî Waqqâs (RA) said: “I asked the Prophet (SAAS) who among the people are most severely tried? He said, ‘The Prophets, then the right acting people, and so on down through various categories of people. Man will be tested according to the strength of his faith. The stronger his faith, the more severe his trial, and the weaker his faith, the lighter his trial. The believer will be continually tested until he walks on earth with all his wrong actions forgiven’.”  (al-Bukhârî)

 O Allah we make dua’ to you, The Most High, to free our sister, Ameen!

Suggestive Thinking

How has the world become so Blind?
Fallen victim of conditioning of the subconscious Mind
The media machine becomes your Education
A means for the Devils Advocation
They create an enemy for you to Fear
“They’ll deprive you of that which you hold so Dear”
In the illusion of fear you make a suggestive Judgment
Now they’ve already begun the army’s Deployment
They kill under the guise of the war on Terror
People just like you become the receptors of Horror
They destroy their culture and steal their Resources
Orphans and Widows left to pick up the Pieces
Houses, Schools and Hospitals Destroyed
Yet how is it we don’t seem too Annoyed
Maybe cos they work hard to protect their Image
Killing hundreds and calling it collateral Damage
How much do we hate the suicide Bomber
Where did he come from ever Wonder?
One kills in the Name of Greed
Whilst the other kills in the name of Creed
They destroyed their country in the name of Freedom
Now don’t you wish you’d employed more Wisdom
They continue to spread fear of the suicide Bomber
But they killed their own on eleven September
How many more innocents will they make Pay
We haven’t forgotten those in Guantanamo Bay
They’ll continue till they Succeed
No matter how many Bleed
What will it take for them to take Heed
Never will they satisfy their Greed
So next time you read the News
Think twice before adopting Views

Written By Silent Wind

From Kufr to Islam, From Imprisonment to Freedom

Brother Abdul Hakim AKA Shevon Smith has written a letter regarding his experience in prison and wants to share it with his brothers and sisters of the Ummah. You can view the original letter by clicking on the following links: Page 1 Page 2 Page 3.


O Allah bestow Your favour upon Muhammad and his wives and his Ummah. May Allah increase our eeman and grant us taqwa whilst leaving in our footprints righteousness, Ameen.


To my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, Assalaamu Alaikum WR WB.


As you can see I am now answering to the name Abdul Hakim and have been for the last 14 months, but I actually took my shahadah in June 2001 and this is one of the issues that I want to talk about. For those five years or so I was living my life in continued ignorance, walking around in a state of Kufr, whilst still calling myself a Muslim.


Let me explain: I had no idea how to pray, how to make wudhu and the do’s and don’ts of Islam. I had never read more than a few pages of the Quran. I think the reason for all of this was PRIDE and SHAME – the whispering of shaytan – rather than ask the simple questions how and why do I do this and that, I pretended as if I already knew. Drugs, alcohol, fighting mine and my friend’s battles and being in touch with the latest style of music that’s being used to corrupt the minds of those that listen to it. These were the things that mattered to me and my friends, the great majority of which were non-believers. The point I’m trying to get across is that (I believe) because of the lack of dawa, either from the words or actions of other Muslim brothers, shaytan was winning the battle in keeping me from the one true path. The two points I am trying to make are:

  1. We as Muslims should never shy away from asking for the help of our brothers and sisters in matters like seeking knowledge.
  1. It’s our responsibility to make sure that our brothers and sisters feel comfortable in trying to learn from us, but we should try to make our dawa interesting so the persons don’t mind spending time listening and remembering what’s being said to them. ( I mean why talk to a gunman about knives? He will not be interested)

I started this my first and only time in prison aged 18 in Feltham YOI in 1997, and I personally never saw anybody practising Islam seriously. I was made an adult prisoner aged 19 (due to bad behaviour) and sent to an adult institute namely HMP Whitemoor. Now maybe because I was just running about, doing my own thing, or maybe not, but I saw only a few brothers who lived their lives under Islam. This was the same for me in HMP Long Lartin, HMP Full Sutton, and HMP Frankland. It was whilst on my second time around these prisons Whitemoor and Long Lartin that I first started to see brothers who were actually practising the Deen and this was 2005-2006, SubhanAllah, still it was just a few brothers. Then I went to HMP Belmarsh, MashAllah, lots and lots of strong brothers, the eeman has to increase because of the amount of brothers there. Anyway I was there for about six months before going back to Frankland and alhamdulillah I’ve now seen and heard about many brothers who are now practising the Deen. It ranges from brothers who have been practising for a long time, to brothers who have just accepted Islam, from brothers who MashAllah are very knowledgeable to brothers who are not so knowledgeable but are in search of knowledge.


And it is for this reason that I am saying that as Muslims have a duty to let our action be our first course for dawa, so that people can help them to feel comfortable to ask questions that’s been on their minds. We should use the wisdom that we have to which brothers are struggling, and give them the answers to questions that they don’t yet know, but would greatly benefit them.


Now, as for the personal change that I have gone through over the last year or so. I’d say that alhamdulillah, my eeman, taqwa and birr has increased. This in turn has changed my whole way of life. From the way I walk and talk to the people who I walk and talk with. The crazy music that I use to listen to and drink to and dance to and do drugs to has all changed. And where before I use to respect what I did and the people who did what I did, I no longer have that respect for it or them.


Now I listen to the recitation of the holy Quran, nasheeds or lectures. And when I read, I read the translation of the holy Quran or books that give me a better understanding of Islam and the people of Islam (Majority of the time).


I try to be humble in my actions and thoughts and polite and understanding. Whereas before my confrontations were mostly about things that were haraam and for causes that were to do with my fighting for things of dunya. ‘Now’ I accept little if any violation but my cause is the fight for Jannah. And the concept of wanting for my brothers what I want for myself is very much a big part of my life.


Insha-Allah I have been able to bring some kind of understanding of how Islam is on an increase in Prison as well as outside. I live from salah to salah and Insha-Allah one day I’ll be able to get married and make hajj.


May Allah keep us all guided on the true path on Islam, Ameen. Raise your hands for us as we raise our hands for you.

Wa alaikum assalaam.


Abdul Hakim AKA Shevon Smith



Please write to this brother and offer your support inshallah:

Shevon Smith


HMP Frankland