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Jury Out To Make Decision On Samina

Assalaamu alaikum

The jury went out on Monday 29th October at 2.10pm to make a decision on Samina. It is a very testing time on Samina and her family. I urge you all to please make du’aa for her release and for the jury to come back with a not guilty verdict inshAllah. We can’t even imagine how hard it is for them, especially because she is a sister and a prison is not the place for her. The next few days and hours are crucial, please do not forget her in your du’aas.

We have no idea how her mum cries and pleads to her Lord and says please don’t take my baby away from me. How difficult it is to have your daughter taken away and put in a prison amongst kuffaar who have no idea about Muslim beliefs or hayaa. How she has to see her daughter suffer day in day out and cannot take away the pain from her and secretly cries to her Lord. How she has supported her daughter and had to endure this difficult test. May Allah reward her immensly and never allow them to take her daughter away from her, ameen ameen ameen.

Ya Umm Samina, May Allah bestow His Mercy upon on you and your family, May He fill your heart with tranquility and patience. May He reward you for all the hardship you have endured and will endure for His sake. Ameen. And know that after every hardship there is ease.

Allahumma fukka ukhtanaa Samina, wa arsilhaa ilaa usratihaa, wa unsurhaa ya rabbal ‘alameen. Allahumma Ameen.

O Allah free our sister Samina, and return her to her family, and help her O Lord of all that exists.


A Poem from Bagram

Do not reckon the night is endless

The crack of dawn is coming in sight

And the threads of darkness shall elapse

The puppets of oppression will perish

And the call for justice shall rise

Allah is Great!


Oh! Soldiers of Allah, persevere

That ease shall follow distress

Do not believe prison is defeat

Many a time prison led to triumph

Be prepared, your voice shall rise

Allah Is Great! Allah Is Great! Allah Is Great!



Mujahid from Bagram

The Raid


Bang bang bang….go …now…now…go!

Plummet from my fairy tale dream
The distorted beats and lyrics pierce through the silent mist of the morning
Louder than a mother wailing for her dead child
They enter like hounds looking for their morning meal
Guns in hand
Eye on the prize
Gliding through the darkness like a professional skater on ice

Get down.. get down ..or I’ll shoot

The rhythm of the trigger being loaded, the lyrics that cause my heart to skip a beat or two
So frightened I lay bare
The hound caught his meal
To God I pray, the entity Most High,
‘The hands who my soul is in…decree what You will and increase what You will, for I submit to You and You Alone’Eye to eye

The end

Written by the wife of a detainee

Sim Card Found In Inmates Cell

 We are hearing more and more of other prisons like Whitemoor following in Frankland’s trend of abuse to its Muslim inmates. It is clear now that it is not isolated to certain Prisons, but the start of the dehumanisation of our brothers. All their rights, dignity and integrity are stripped from them and worse of all, all our complaints and theirs, fall on deaf ears.

This incident concerns A. Garcia, he has always abided by the rules and has good relations with everyone even the guards. After his conviction and transfer to Whitemoor it was stated in his prisoner’s report that he was radicalising other inmates in Belmarsh. Subhanallah, the most that he has ever done in Belmarsh is attend some dhikr gatherings, that’s all!

A month into his stay at Whitemoor, he found himself in a middle of a sim card scandal. He remembers that the very same morning, he was cleaning out his cell, and he did his bed daily as per usual. There was ‘apparently’ a random inspection and a sim card was found in the most unlikely of places…it was found placed on the rim of the metal bed frame for all to see. My brother denied that it was his and asked them to hurry up the investigation so that they can prove that it was not his, after all his fingerprints and contact numbers should confirm if it his or not.

It was obviously fixed, it was planted there so that it can go down on his report to hinder his future in prison. It has now been over three months since this incident and my brother has not been told the outcome. Surely, if it was his, they would have punished him, and he has not been offered an explanation nor an apology.

Their aim was to smear his name, and finding a sim is worse than having drugs inside, but because he is a practising Muslim, planting drugs in his cell would not have been feasible. The matter now has been ‘hushed’ up but it goes without saying that if he was found guilty he would of have had to face up to the consequences, but who will punish the perpetrators? Who will be held responsible? Will that person be held accountable? No.

Slowly our brothers’ rights are being taken away so that soon these small incidents will be seen as normal and these injustices will increase in number and severity. May Allah protect them and reward their hardships with hasannat inshallah. Please do not underestimate the power of your du’aa. Salam alikum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuh.

Written by the sister of Anthony Garcia (Haaris)

The ‘Wonderful’ Eid In Whitemoor

 Is there going to be any day that’ll be right for the Muslims?

This is the day where we all must praise the creator for his blessings upon us.

Eid day 12th October 07

            In order to attend the Eid prayer and feast, Muslim inmates in Whitemoor prison had to fill in a form a few days before Eid. Normally the inmates would have been informed about Eid on the night before by a phone call from the imam to the prison. But in this case they were told at around 10am on Eid day so they had begun their Eid fasting!

            However two Muslim inmates were stopped on Eid by some guards from going to the hall where the prayer and feast were being held. The inmates explained to them that they had filled in the form and handed it in and if it had got lost, it was the prison’s fault. The guards didn’t seem to do anything about it, so the inmates requested a call to the governor to inform him of the situation. This is because all governors have the right to make or change any decision at any time. Following this call, they were allowed to attend.

            Most of the inmates had gathered in the main hall to start the Eid prayer. The imam was about to start but everyone said that they’ll wait for the rest to come before praying. (There were approximately 20 missing) The imam didn’t seem to care and told them to pray without them. Everyone wanted to know why some hadn’t arrived yet. Therefore a phone call was made to the governor to see if he can resolve the issue.

            The governor then came and patronised them by saying how they’ve got special treatment this Eid and should be grateful for what they’ve done. And he also mentioned that the 20 or so missing people couldn’t make it and gave excuses. So everyone in the hall protested to the governor that if he doesn’t bring the people left behind, they will not pray or eat. Following the strike the governor then bought 5 of those who didn’t come but the rest still remained.

            The governor then asked the ones who were on strike to go to a smaller hall beside the one they were in. Everyone except a few went to the other hall. The idea of going to a smaller room with no apparent reason was suspicious as, one of the inmates had seen 30-40 guards with riot gear on just outside the main hall for ‘something’ to happen.

            After this they were confined to their wings (blocks) and some had started to cook in the kitchen. There in the kitchen was an inmate with a miswaak in his hands and was asked by a guard what it was. He explained that it was for his teeth, but regarding this the guard pressed the emergency alarm which automatically locks everyone in their cells. This only occurs when big incidents happen such as serious fights, possession of weapons etc. the guard must have a very vivid imagination to see a seewak as a gun or a knife. This is obvious that the guards wanted to ruin the day that brings joy and happiness to Muslims.

            Consequently everyone stayed in their cells for a while until their cell doors started to open but they only let them out a floor at a time. Normally for Eid they’d been let out for longer, but this Eid was different.

            Is this what the governor meant by telling everyone that Whitemoor is giving you a ‘wonderful’ Eid? By having a whole riot geared army waiting outside while all they wanted to do is pray and to be happy that day, even though they’re imprisoned from their loved ones. Would they have acted the same at Christmas?

Written by the family of Anthony Garcia (Haaris)

Tensions Mount In Frankland

 Today Omar Khyam called and informed me of two Muslim inmates that were on his wing have now been transferred to a different prison. After an attack taking place a week ago now they are slowly removing all the Muslims and isolating Omar and Hussein Osman. Tomorrow another Muslim in-mate will also be transferred to a different prison. And then there will only be two Muslim in-mates on a wing where one has already been attacked and the other threatened. Subhanallah. This is the justice. This is the priority the governor at Frankland has given to those threatened in Frankland. He has removed the only support they had. But the governor doesn’t know that they can take away every help from them but if Allah does not allow them to be harmed he can do all he wants they won’t be harmed. And if Allah wills for them to be harmed then there is nothing we can do to stop it.

Now the question arises, how are Omar and Hussein expected to carry on staying in this prison? They are a very small minority and I believe this has been done on purpose. If there was space to move three category A prisoners to a different a high security prison, then shouldn’t Eesa, Hussein and Omar have been a priority to be moved? After we exhausted all efforts to alert the prison, the prison service, the human rights organisations, they STILL put their lives at risk now more than ever. If we start writing to them and asking for action, who knows what will happen in that time? I ask you, who will be responsible if Hussein or Omar get attacked?

My dear brothers and sisters, these are our brothers that are being targeted here. How can we sit back and allow this to happen? Will Allah not ask us what did we do? I urge you all to take action for them. Firstly, to ask Allah to protect them and to move them from there. Secondly, to write to the governor and demand an explanation for this step he has taken and to move them immediately. Thirdly, leave messages of support for these brother’s in the comments section so they can be forwarded on to them. They need to know that even though those brothers have been moved, they are not on their own. And you all are praying for them and supporting them by taking action.

Written by Umm Ibrahim

Another Attack On a Muslim In Frankland

Just when people start to forget the horrific incident with Eesa Barot and Hussein Osman, it happens again. Muslim inmate, Yaqoob, had his cell set on fire and attacked physically on Monday 8th October in Frankland. It is still not clear of the details as he was moved straight away, this may be because he is in healthcare. This is the third attack on Muslim inmates now in the same prison within a few months. Are the Muslims expected to just carry on being attacked and do nothing? Or is it time to retaliate?

When the Irish went through the same thing when they were imprisoned what did they do? They retaliated and fought back and it resulted in separate wings for the Irish. Will the Muslims now have to do the same for their protection? But I suppose if they do then as usual they will be painted in the media as ‘barbaric’ and ‘evil’. 

This is becoming a bigger problem and I urge the prison service and Frankland to do their duty of protecting the prisoners, because if they don’t, then its only a matter of time before the Muslims fight back. I urge all you brothers and sisters to remember this brother and his family in your du’aas and please keep on writing to the governor and ask him why is he allowing this to happen and to move the Muslim prisoners from there.

We as a Muslim community will not sit back and allow this to keep happening to our brothers. We have a duty to them. They are locked up and are being attacked. We have to be their voice and fight for them, we have to be their shield to protect them. We have no excuse after reading this to do nothing. They are attacking our brothers one by one, we need to get the others moved before they too are attacked. Please keep writing to the governor regarding Omar Khyam. Do not think that writing letters does not work, as Umm Tayyab says it worked for her when brothers in Canada were going through similar problems in prison. She kept writing and appealing and getting people to act and Alhamdulillah the situation eased.

O Allah Please protect our brothers and sisters in prison, not just here but wherever they may be. Grant our brother Yaqoob patience and a quick healing, cause him to be steadfast and strong. O Allah grant his family patience and strength and make them a strong pillar and support for him. Return him safe to his family. O Allah grant patience and quick healing to our brother Eesa. O Allah grant patience and protection to our brother Osman. O Allah move all these brothers far away from evil people who carry out such evil acts. O Allah keep them safe from harm. O Allah break the shackles of our prisoners wherever they may be. O Allah break the shackles of our prisoners wherever they may be. O Allah break the shackles of our prisoners wherever they may be. Allahumma Ameen.

 Written by Umm Ibrahim (Mrs Khyam)

ACTION ALERT: Detainee Facing Serious Risk Of Death

 Detainees at HMP Frankland are facing the very real risk of death after numerous threats from other prisoners. Despite the prison governor having been informed of these threats, nothing has been done to safeguard the security of these detainees.

On 10th July 2007 Omar Khyam, a detainee at HMP Frankland voluntarily requested he be moved into segregation after efforts by his solicitors to have him transferred to a safer prison failed. The request followed threats of murder and burning by fellow inmates.

Three days after Omar’s move to segregation, Esa Barot, another Muslim prisoner, had boiling water and oil poured over his body resulting in 2nd and 3rd degree burns over his body. The attacks also resulted in Barot losing sight in one eye. Had Omar not been move into segregation, he may well have been victim to that attack.

Despite the innumerable requests to have Omar moved, the prison administration refuses to accept that HMP Frankland is an unsafe place for Muslim detainees. According to a letter dated 19th July 2007 in which they stated,

“Frankland is a safe and secure environment as well as being an appropriate location for your client.” They also said “Whilst the incident in relation to Mr Barot is certainly most regrettable, this is not in itself evidence that Frankland is an unsuitable location for your client.”

On 23rd July 2007 however, the cell of Hussein Osman was burnt down with all his belongings on the inside.

Omar Khyam has been kept in segregation for his own safety, however such a situation is unacceptable for his safety in long term detention. In segregation the prisoners are not given any access to clothes, books, any reading material, his television or newspapers, he has been denied any privileges and treated as if he is in segregation due to punishment.

A transfer to a more secure prison must take place for the safety of not only Omar, but all Muslim detainees there. The Governor at HMP Frankland must take note of the very real threat and danger posed to Muslim detainees in his prison, especially in light of incidents which have already taken place.

TAKE ACTION FOR OMAR KHYAM Write to the Governor of HMP Frankland urging for Omar Khyam and other Muslim inmates to be urgently transferred to a more secure prison.Please send your letters immediately to:
The Governor

HMP Frankland, 

The following sample letter can be used as a template:


Dear Mr. Mullen,

I am writing to you regarding my concerns that Omar Khyam has received death threats at HMP Frankland. I understand that following these threats and his voluntary retreat into the segregation unit Dhiren Barot was severely scalded and Hussein Osman’s cell was burnt. Threats have been made against Omar and were it not for his voluntary move to segregation, he could well have been a victim of these attacks. This letter is being written to urge you to reconsider his transfer in light of the situation at HMP Frankland.

As governor of a high security prison you are well-aware of the psychological effects of solitary confinement. It is surprising to hear that Omar has had to endure the loss of privileges that accompanies being in segregation, despite the fact that he went in there voluntarily, and not because he was being reprimanded.

Omar Khyam cannot remain on the segregation wing indefinitely. Our prisons do not yet have the same safety measures in place to protect Muslim inmates as are taken to protect paedophiles i.e. a separate wing. I refer you to an article on the BBC news site which describes prisoners who were involved in a minor attack were moved within days: “Prisoners have been moved from a jail following two separate incidents in which inmates were attacked.  Two prisoners were assaulted with a “sharp implement” at Wellingborough Prison, in Northamptonshire, on Wednesday and Friday. The Home Office said a number of prisoners had been transferred to other establishments “in order to maintain order and security”. In both incidents, those attacked suffered minor injuries.”

I urge you to write to the Home Secretary and put in an application for the immediate transfer of Omar Khyam to a prison with a higher Muslim population for his safety. Would you please make this a priority as we are very much concerned of the safety of Omar Khyam and other inmates in a similar situation.

I look forward to your reply.

Yours Sincerely,

The Story Of Your Sister You Left Behind….

sister making duaa

They have raided us, oppressed us and have taken our men away from us but we did nothing except watch idly like propped up wood. Was that not bad enough, was that not humiliating enough. Oh Muslims they have not stopped there!! They have taken your sisters, Samina, Umm Muhammad, Kousar and Umm Imran! Did you even know?! Where is your izzah? Can you imagine what they have been through and their families? Do you know how they spend their nights? If it is in prison or in a bed and breakfast due to not having ‘permission’ to live with their children?!!!

When one Muslim woman was ridiculed by the Romans in the past she only had to scream “Ya Mutasima! Ya Khalifah” and the armies came to protect her honour. And yet today forget armies, we don’t even have anyone who can offer two words of support to these sisters. They cry in secret to their Lord and everyone carries on in their lives heedless of their pain and suffering.

And who is Samina? How many of you know who she is? She is just 23 years old and is this how she should be spending her time? Being humiliated in court daily??

How dare you not support them, how dare you turn your face, have you not an ounce of eeman? Oh men of this ummah, where are you? Your sister is lingering within the hands of monkeys and swine’s. Oh sisters, where are your words of comfort? Do not forget that you will be asked by Allah in regards to this sister and what did you do? It is a duty on everyone one of you to support her. If you cannot do anything else then at least make du’aa for her and her family. This is the story of your sister Samina.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said,

“One who helps a fellow Muslim in removing his (or her) difficulty in this world, Allah will remove the former’s distress on the Day of Judgement. He who helps to remove the hardship of another, will have his difficulties removed by Allah in this world and in the Hereafter. One who covers the shortcomings of another Muslim, will have his faults covered up in this world and the next by Allah. Allah continues to help a servant so long as he goes on helping his own brother (or sister).” (Muslim)


The Prophet (peace be upon him) also said:

The supplication of a Muslim for his brother without his knowledge is an accepted supplication and will be rewarded by the presence of an angel at his side. Every time he supplicates for his brother, the angel will say: Ameen, and the same for you too. [Muslim]

Written by Abdul Hakeem and Umm Ibrahim

Belmarsh Flowers

imprisoned flowers


It’s belmarsh a land with broken sky

Day and night another night I cry

spring will never spring and die

all hearts born and torn the love and the sun

the land which ends with quicksand

my heart flies up and down sharpening the sound

no sun no moon there

but hearts and souls shining the air

son of my love and love again will ignite the light


Written by the father of Anthony Garcia (Haaris), mujahid prisoner

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