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A Poem Dedicated To Eesa Barot

This is a poem dedicated to Eesa Barot:

With Hardship Comes Ease

Ya Ummati!

May I ask for a few moments from your busy, hectic lifestyle

For you to tear away from worldly pursuits just for a while:

Have you ever wondered what it must feel like being all alone

Trapped in a tiny cell for years on end, mentally torn and worn

Hatred manifesting from fellow inmates, vulnerable to attack

Slandered constantly on the outside, neglected for being black

Our brothers endure this treatment on an all-too regular basis

Why are they no more to you than nameless criminal faces?

You would readily snatch your own blood from a lion’s jaws

Leaping to their rescue without a second thought or pause

It becomes so very easy to enter a house that’s burning down

When your family’s trapped inside who you hear scream & shout

What if compassion was non-existant with no Rahma on this earth

Having loved ones we come to learn what relationships are worth


Would you not also save someone witnessed drowning out at sea

Be he Muslim or non-Muslim, whatever race, creed or nationality

No doubt exhausting all effort in this courageous act of humanity

You would do all it takes to save this person from such calamity

Why then do you show negligence in helping your Muslim brother
Who is imprisoned simply for testifying to ALLAAH and no other

Answer his cry for he questions where the Ummah has gone

Help your brother before you too need help and find no-one..

Ya Akhi!

That Day when mankind shall stand in straightened rows

And the worldly Muslim bites his fingers in regret and woe

When questioned what steps he took for innocents detained

If only he had remembered them, if only he’d felt their pain

When the Body ached with oppression he was nowhere in sight

Yet he claims of belonging to the Ummah.. But with what right?

Sweet scent emanating from your wounds insha’allaah that Day

Bearing proof of a true believer’s steadfastness in Allaah’s Way

My beloved brother, you are not the first nor are you the last

Marking history forever like incarcerated Muslims of the past

In every language of the world is your story being narrated

Du’a made collectively for an end to this mighty fitna created

When you ask for what crime were you abandoned in this way

What answers will we give and what excuses can we make

Why is honour violated today when our numbers are so vast

Huge armies once marched forth, cities flattened in the past

Your blood and honour too is sacred like the Day of ‘Arafat

How can we remove this wahn settled in the Muslim’s heart

A day is surely near bringing relief from this vicious violence

All shall become aware of your lengthy suffering in silence

My brother, don’t ever despair for Allaah is Witnessing all

He has given you ‘eemaan the greatest Blessing after all

With this in your heart and dhikr constant on your tongue

Eternal happiness awaits you…

For it is never the oppressed but oppressor in the wrong.

Written by UR (Nelson, UK)