Intro Of The LyricalEnigma

The LyricalEnigma is here to tell a story


A story of pain,




This life,

The Hereafter,


Loving and Trusting Allah,

And having faith and hope in Allah and much much more….


This is a new beginning

A new life

A second chance

This is a new person – Alhamdulillah-

Who will Lyrically explain from personal experience

The journey of a Muslim’s life


It is from the heart and soul

It is more empathetic than sympathetic


Scenes will be created

-from words-

But it is up to you to ponder

To try to imagine

-without you having to literally experience-


It is up to you to understand and listen

To acknowledge and to put into practise

-the lessons that have been learnt-


It is only my duty to teach what I came to learn

-because God forbid-

I do not wish to be held accountable

For not teaching the new and beautiful lessons

-that I was taught-

You will be entering my mind

-but it is not just any mind-

It is the mind of a Muslim

Who was falsely imprisoned


And I am just one out of many

-who are or were innocently behind bars-


I am….


The LyricalEnigma

And I am here to tell a Lyrical Story…..


Written by LyricalEnigma



  1. abdur rahman Said:

    As salaam alaykum

    Great intro, Looking forward to this.

    Jazakallah khayran

  2. LyricalEnigma Said:

    ÂsSalamu Âlaikum WrWb

    Însha’Âllah poems to be posted soon

    May Âllahu ÂzaWajal bless all who created this website and who created the Support Group
    – Âameen Ya Rab –

    Wallahi more Muslims like yourselves are needed during these testing times – Muslims like yourselves make things easy for innocent Muslims like us who were and are inside

    Khair Însha’Âllah

    With hardship comes relief
    And one hardship cannot overcome two reliefs
    Âlhumdulillah it is Âllah who makes things easy
    And indeed it is Âllah alone whom we relie upon
    For He [SWT] is our Helper, our Provider, our Support – our Everything
    And it is He [SWT] alone who will give us strength and victory

    WaSalamu Âlaikum WrWb

  3. AZ Said:


    great people in the past have also been in prison, yusuf AS, ibn taymiyyah RH, imam abu hanifa RH etc etc

  4. LyricalEnigma Said:

    ÂsSalamu Âlaikum WrWb

    True – Indeed great people have been imprisoned.
    By Âllah Surah Yusuf is the one to read. It teaches patience and tolerance
    It teaches that indeed Du’âa is the weapon of the believer
    It teaches that if you ask then ask from Âllah
    It teaches to put your trust wholeheartedly in Âllah

    Subhan’Âllah and so much more

    It is HOPE IN ÂLLAH that gets one through testing times – always be positive.

    WaSalamu Âlaikum WrWb

  5. JazakiAllaahu khayr…

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