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A Poem Dedicated To Omar Khadr

Early morning’s sleepy glow
Life’s snatched and melted flow
Ravaging cries, burnt lies, a world’s humanity sunken so low
A humble sigh, why, was all he wanted to know

The inflicted torment
The forgotten lament
Rainbows of hate and detriment
Bound over blind eyes, confinement

Lashes of inconceivable harm
Lay in sullen stripes on a swollen palm
Some poor words, some slight right,
meant to spell contentment and calm
Oh Freedom, my Freedom, is the only balm

Smells of forgotten rain
Caught within the justice of detain
In red and blue bruises of pain
Scarred upon the flag, an orange stain

The delicious hand of peace
In the shackles of treaties
The cells are guarded by seas
The waves that taunt memories

I’ve held him by his fingers
And they were stricken cold
We will hold him by his heart
And it shall be spun gold

The skies and stars are weeping in rue
Once more, may you feel the sun’s stripy hue
The Highest Honour is written for only a special few
Oh Omar Khadr, may the Almighty forever free you

Written by Juhayfa Bint Shoaib


Some Lessons Learnt Behind Bars – What’s Your Excuse?

It was late at night

And I lay still on my bed

-In my cell-

Sleepy yet unable to sleep

Restless and Wide awake

Feeling scared and uneasy

Thinking about my family and friends

Thinking about life in the Hereafter

-Thinking about Death-

I got lost in my thoughts


Thought about death

-So deeply-

Thought about the End of the World

Thought about the Signs of the End of the World

Thought about my beloved family


My eyes wide open

-Conscious yet not breathing-

I was trembling and shivering

I was feeling cold and I was feeling scared


‘Death could get us all at any time’

-I thought-

‘I’m scared to die

I’m not ready for death

I’ve not done anything right

I’ve not repented enough

I know I’ll be going to hell


I want to go home to my family

And be able to tell them how much they mean to me’


My mind taking control

-Thoughts of regret swam through my head-

I never done anything right

I had plenty of time to repent

-Yet I never repented-

It’s not until I was imprisoned

-That I began thinking-

That I began repenting

That I began -Whole Heartedly- praying

That I came to understand the importance of loving and caring

About how much -Family- meant

The importance of parents

The importance of life


My prayers lasted four to five hours

My du’aa lasted three to four hours

I would weep

I would cry

-Out Aloud-

I would -Desperately- ask Allah

For His Divine help


I didn’t like where I was

The place scared me

It didn’t feel right

I felt out of place

I felt like a stranger

-Like a sheep in a herd of camels-


I felt scared of the fellow prisoners

They were big and tall

I thought they were going to hurt me

-Beat me and kick me-


The prisoners were scary looking

Always looking drugged and doped

Yet I refused to judge them

-By what I saw-


I didn’t want to know about their crime

I didn’t even mind about being locked up in solitary confinement

Because it was much safer

-Than being out there amongst them-


Prison aint a place for a Muslim

It aint a place for an innocent person


It aint a ‘cool’ place to be

It is Hell inside


The prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said:

‘This Dunya is like a Prison for the believers’


Indeed the saying is true


But when in prison

And you look around

And you observe the place

And the kinds of people inside

And you sit and contemplate

And you think deeply about life


You come to the realisation that

Prison is hell

And it is heaven



But once released

And you’re out

The Dunya is indeed a prison for the believers


I came to learn a lot about my religion

-Whilst inside-

By reading the Holy Quran


And my main regret

Is that I never concentrated on the Quran

-When outside-

I never even tried to understand

I read but I never contemplated upon the


Words of Allah


I experienced Islam

-When inside-

I experienced what

-Being a Muslim-

Is all about


The way we’re meant to

-Fear Allah-

So much fear should be in our hearts

That we should be scared not just to close our eyes

-But to even blink-

In fear that


Could get us



That we should be happy and eager to

-Meet Allah-

For the one who is

-Eager to meet Allah-

Indeed Allah is eager to meet him

Yet at the same time

We should be scared to meet Allah

-In fear that He may not be happy with us-

Due to the amount of


Sins we all commit

Knowingly and unknowingly


Not just read but


On the


Wordings of the Holy Quran


The amount of respect we are meant to show our parents


We’re never that busy

So why don’t we do Dhikr

-On our right fingers-

Why do we not Praise

Thank and Glorify Allah?



So many questions asked

And so many lessons learnt


We are Muslims

And the Quran is our Holy Book


I learnt millions and millions of lessons

-When inside-

But these lessons were learnt

Not just from my experience

Of being inside

But mostly from reading the Holy Quran


You don’t have to be imprisoned to read the Quran

Look to your right

Look to your left

Look in front of you

-There should be a Quran somewhere near you-


Start in the name of Allah

Pick it up

Open it

Read it




And put into practise


We Muslim prisoners have no excuses

And nor should you

Because I


Just told you what to do


And if you didn’t pick up


Of the lessons from this poem

Then I suggest you re-read

-By scrolling to the top-


Written by LyricalEnigma

Intro Of The LyricalEnigma

The LyricalEnigma is here to tell a story


A story of pain,




This life,

The Hereafter,


Loving and Trusting Allah,

And having faith and hope in Allah and much much more….


This is a new beginning

A new life

A second chance

This is a new person – Alhamdulillah-

Who will Lyrically explain from personal experience

The journey of a Muslim’s life


It is from the heart and soul

It is more empathetic than sympathetic


Scenes will be created

-from words-

But it is up to you to ponder

To try to imagine

-without you having to literally experience-


It is up to you to understand and listen

To acknowledge and to put into practise

-the lessons that have been learnt-


It is only my duty to teach what I came to learn

-because God forbid-

I do not wish to be held accountable

For not teaching the new and beautiful lessons

-that I was taught-

You will be entering my mind

-but it is not just any mind-

It is the mind of a Muslim

Who was falsely imprisoned


And I am just one out of many

-who are or were innocently behind bars-


I am….


The LyricalEnigma

And I am here to tell a Lyrical Story…..


Written by LyricalEnigma

Our Sister Umm Imran In Urgent Need Of Your Dua’s

Sister Umm Imran has been on trial since February 2008 under the terrorism act. She spent one year and two months in prison away from herchildren, until she was granted bail. Now the jury are out to make a decision on her future and its down to us to show our support by making du’aa for her and her family. The sister and her family have suffered immensely and this next week is crucial to her future.

I cant stress enough the importance of everyone making du’aa for them, as this is the most powerful weapon we have. She needs our support right now and has a right to our support. So please brothers and sisters, make du’aa and remember she is OUR sister and a prison is not the place for her. Her place is with her family, especially her children.

The Prophet (peace be upon him) said:

“One who helps a fellow Muslim in removing his (or her) difficulty in this world, Allah will remove the former’s distress on the Day of Judgement. He who helps to remove the hardship of another, will have his difficulties removed by Allah in this world and the hereafter. One who covers the shortcomings of another Muslim will have his faults covered up in this world and the next by Allah. Allah continues to help a servant, so long as he goes on helping his own brother (or sister). Muslim

We will all be called to account and asked what we did for our brothers and sisters that are suffering around us, the least we can do is make du’aa for them.

Narrated Anas bin Malik: Allah’s Apostle said, “Help your brother, whether he is an oppressor or he is an oppressed one.” Sahih Bukhari

Narrated Muawiya bin Suwald: I heard Al-Bara’ bin ‘Azib saying, “The Prophet (peace be upon him) orders us to do seven things and prohibited us from doing seven other things.” Then Al-Bara’ mentioned the following:– (1) To pay a visit to the sick (inquiring about his health), (2) to follow funeral processions, (3) to say to a sneezer, “May Allah be merciful to you” (if he says, “Praise be to Allah!”), (4) to return greetings, (5) to help the oppressed, (6) to accept invitations, (7) to help others to fulfill their oaths.” Sahih Bukhari

Our brothers and sisters who are being tested severely right now need to know that we are supporting them. If they invoke Allah against us for the lack of support that we have offered and the lack of du’aas we’ve made for them then how will we face Allah?

Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas: The Prophet (peace be upon him) sent Mu’adh to Yemen and said, “Be afraid, from the curse of the oppressed as there is no screen between his invocation and Allah.” Sahih Bukhari.

We belittle these actions so much, they are in need of our support and let us be the ones to be there for them and ask Allah to release our sister and be with her family where she belongs.

For all those sisters who sleep peacefully with your children with no fear of being separated from, put yourself in this sisters place. How would you feel knowing that you could be separated from your children the next day? Or the day after? Do you think that she sleeps at night?

For those sisters who spend their days with their children, take them to school, take them to the park, make dinner for them and feed them, put yourself in this sisters place. How would you feel if you couldn’t take your kids to school, or to the park or feed them, but instead you have to sit in a court room awaiting a decision to be made which can change your whole life.

We are one Ummah and she is our sister and we should not forget her pain and should constantly pray for her and offer her our support.

Al-Nu’man bin Bashirmay Allah be pleased with him, reported:
Allah’s Messenger (may peace be upon him) said: “The similitude of believers in regard to mutual love, affection, fellow-feeling is that of one body; when any limb of it aches, the whole body aches, because of sleeplessness and fever.” Sahih Muslim.

Ya Allah please bestow your mercy upon our sister Umm Imran and her family, forgive them, keep them patient, thankful and strong. Grant her the ability to be pleased with what Allah has decreed. Keep her heart steadfast upon Your deen. Ya Allah purify their hearts and make this a time to make her closer to Allah. Ya Allah release her from the hands of the oppressors. Return her to her family peacefully. Grant her happiness after her sorrow. Protect her and her family and do not burden her with more than what she can bear. Keep her eeman strong. Ya Allah, Grant sabr to her mother who has endure patiently and been such a support to her. And send peace and blessings upon Your prophet, his family, companions and those who follow them. Allahumma Ameen Allahumma Ameen Allahumma Ameen.

Written by Umm Ibrahim

Locked In An Oppression

They took me beyond away
Far from my dearest family
Stamping fresh life into dirt
Stripping away shrouded dignity,
With the coldest of mirth

Confined without a wrong
Locked in an oppression, for oh so long
Holding tightly onto everything I believe
No compassion, no one to grieve

They shout and they scream
Ripping hearts into a blood stream
They won’t leave us in peace
Brothers and sisters, bereaved

Tears leave our beginnings
Crying out desperate meanings
Rivers of sadness through the blood on our cheeks
Oh Almighty Allah, only your help do we seek

Torture sessions become our sense of time
Keys as they open prison gates, sing a rhyme
‘We’ve come to bring out offenders, who’ve been here so long. Shackled by the chains, of our evil hate song
We can’t wait to get hold of them, increase their sorrow
And we’ll do it again, worse every morrow.’

Disintegrating, in these prison cells
Dying, in a living hell

Their deeds slash through our scarred skin
As if to be treated human, is a major sin

Days, months, years, one special life
Our souls have long left us, beautiful as kites

Here lay only our flesh, strewn in mass protest
Eaten away by madness and owning nothing less

Oh Allah make them free as birds…
To soar in the sky, without a care in the world


Written by Juhayfa Bint Shoaib

Why I Love The Prison Cells

The door was kicked down
My wife was still in her night gown
They yelled and they swore
As they took me away, out the door
My child began to scream and cry out loud
As if his father was wrapped in his shrouds
I turned my face around, desperate to see him
He came running towards me, touching my legs with his chin
I cried as I looked up towards my wife
She was my shield, the only woman in my life
I told her not to worry; my deen will travel with me
She nodded her head, as she wiped my tears off me
I was chucked into the van, as if I was the mail
They drove me to dark chambers, also known as the Jail
I spent hours alone, with the darks walls around (me)
Silent it was; the clock ticking the only sound
Minutes, hours and days later, I was subsequently charged
With crimes I had never committed, the news hit me hard
I was a Muslim living in Britain… practising my belief
Not a murderer, rapist, paedophile or even a thief
When my wife came to visit me, I had to be strip-searched
As if I had explosives with me, to bomb a Christian church
Only half an hour with my wife, and child – that was it
What had I done, which made me fall into such a ditch?!
The reason why I was there, was because of the identity I held
I hadn’t called for anything – words of Islam were what I yelled
A dawah stall each week, to call people to my deen
Accepting it will be pleasure, in gardens which no eye has seen
A couple of months later, I was sentenced for LIFE
They said I plotted to murder, and take away innocent lives
What could I do, other than to raise my hands up high?
My Lord! You are my protector, my Lord above the sky
Whilst the earth praises you 24-7
The praise is not enough, for the Lord of the Heavens
Hence I will continue to praise you, upon every second of my life
Verily we have been created, to give and sacrifice!
I spent many years deep inside my cold cell
Though it kept me firm, as it reminded me of hell (situation will be worse)
Year after year, I spent alone with my Lord
The Qur’aan was my shield, the Sunnah my Sword
But as every soul shall witness death, I could not escape
My time had come, for me to leave the world I hate
Ashadul Allah Illaha Illallah – were my last words
I pray my soul is placed in the hearts of green birds
I left my wife, child and wealth all behind
What I gained was Jannah, a place which always shines
May my wife and my child reach the gardens I ended in
Which was gained with the good – and without the sin
My life in the dunya may seemed hard at the time
But the palace I am granted, is now all mine
I will never be arrested from here, nor taken away
Which is why I now love the Prison cells – even today!

Written by anonymous

Poem For Our Detained Brothers

He called from his cage

He banged on the door

His fists were bleeding

His heart did it more

They bound him in chains

He never saw the rain

Where they kicked him, there he lain

Brother, brother, detained

They wouldn’t give him water

They believed he’d led some inhumane slaughter

He wasn’t allowed letters from his son or his daughter

They threatened him with bullet and mortar

They threw at him abuse

Because they wanted him to loose

And could entrap him in their ruse

He was silent and that made them confused

Prevented him from taking a shower

They feel big when they exercise their power

This is how they cower

Humans, like the wilting flower

The interrogations were simply futility

They were creative in their brutality

They stripped him of all morality

Couldn’t do that to his individuality

He was made to live on less than those in monastery

They certainly didn’t care for honesty

A ray of sun, barely momentary

Walking was thought complementary

There he lay, caged in number and formation

Dressed in orange humiliation

Forced to admit he belonged to a non-existent corporation

Please know, that it was under duress information

Tears lashed his dusty heart

The way forever on the straightest path

Sorrow mourned his weary eyes

Here he suffered, from their lies

All day, all night, in shackle

Oh dearest Muslim Ummah, Oh what a debacle… 

Written by Juhayfa Bint Shoaib

Interview With Mahboob Khawaja


Born in Ottawa on April 14th 1979, Mohammad Momin Khawaja graduated from Algonquin College in computer software development. He was an active member of his community, teaching Qur’anic recitation, Mathematics, and Islamic history to the youth at his local Mosque in Cumberland, Ontario. Following a three-month trip to Pakistan, Khawaja began working for the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade in Summer 2002 as a software programmer. On March 29th 2004, he was detained, along with four family members, in an armed raid on their Canadian home. Since his arrest four years ago, and despite having been charged, Khawaja has not been tried or been shown the allegedly incriminating evidence held against him. Having been denied bail on two occasions, he is currently incarcerated in the Ottawa-Carleton Detention Centre. In this exclusive interview, Cageprisoners spoke to his father, Mahboob Khawaja, about the case.

 CAGEPRISONERS: Mahboob, could you elaborate on the charges against Momin?

MAHBOOB KHAWAJA: Momin is charged in Canada with undefined role in conspiracy to participate in planning to make a bomb with other people based in UK. Originally, there were two charges which have been expanded by the prosecution into seven.
CP: What evidence has been brought in support of these charges? How would you respond to the allegations?

 MK: For the last four years, no tangible evidence has ever been brought to the public notice. However, we heard from the media, that the prosecution claims to have e-mails messages and a record of interviews with other unknown people talking about these issues. From the beginning, we believe, all the police raids and other official actions were taken to show to the public that Canadian Government has discovered a major plot and it was widely propagated throughout the world that Momin and his whole family were involved and were portrayed by the media as ‘terrorists’. It was done with the official sponsorship of the Canadian and US Governments. If the accusations and charges were true, why did the Government take four years and still have not brought the case to trial? Even the Canadian Chief Justice of Superior Court was outraged at this time-killing exercise by the Justice Dept. We were labelled as Muslim terrorists. We believe that all this was politically and religiously geared against us.  

CP: Did Momin ever have any encounters with the authorities before this incident?

MK: Momin has been a law abididng citizen of Canada with no criminal record and he was never involved in such activities.

CP: Could you talk about the circumstances of Momin’s arrest? 

 MK: He was detained on March 29, 2004, while in his office. The police raid was a replica of the US military attacks on civilian homes in Baghdad and other locations in Iraq, fully equipped with heavy loaded guns, army of 60 plus men and pointing loaded guns at the ordinary citizens. My wife and children were arrested without warrant, and my residence was raided without presenting any search warrant to my family.

CP: You have mentioned that your family suffered damage to their property as a result of the raid?

MK: Yes, our residence was attacked. The doors and windows were broken and the police men were shouting at the family members. To our neighbours witnessing it, the operation appeared like a Hollywood movie stunt carried out in the morning hours and continued for almost 24 hours. Understandably, the police action followed or perhaps simultaneously happened when Momin was arrested.

CP: And you yourself were detained and questioned, by the Saudi authorities?

  MK: Because of the time difference (9 hours or so), my wife whilst in custody, was allowed to call me in Saudi Arabia to inform that our house was under attack, and all of them were under arrest. I asked the lady police officer as to why. She claimed that they had a search warrant and that some senior official will call me later to provide the information. That never happened as at the same time, I was detained while on campus in the early hours of the morning. The Saudi Intelligence official showed the written formal request from the Canadian Government with four different accusations against me. They laughed and told me they believed all these were false accusations, but that they had to do that because of the formal request from a friendly government.

 CP: Was Momin subject to any humiliating or degrading treatment after his arrest or during his incarceration?

MK: It is obvious that after Momin’s arrest, he must have been subjected to interrogations and other unthinkable treatment as perhaps, you can analyse from the nature of the police raid at our residence in Canada. It meant that force was used as a means of harming ordinary citizens, merely based on suspicion, and not on any actual facts of law.

CP: How long was it before the media got involved in Momin’s story? What has been their response to his case?

MK: Prior to Momin’s arrest, we believe the international media had all the information and accusations available. While in Saudi Arabia, I hardly finished talking with my wife, within a few seconds, a journalist from a local Canadian newspaper called me about the incident and raid at my home. We believe it was all a pre-planned and well executed stunt to destroy us.

CP: What are the current conditions under which Momin is being held? How is his morale? 

MK: Momin remains at the same detention centre but his actual location often changes within the centre. His health and morale has suffered a great deal, and we try our best to lift his spirits in thoughts and prayers. There have been times when Momin would not talk much or would be unable to speak. We suspect that it is all due to his prolonged detention and its impact on him.

CP: How are you able to communicate with Momin?

MK: We are allowed to visit him twice weekly, and write to him. He is allowed to make one daily phone call.

CP: Is Momin an isolated case in Canada?

MK: There are six or seven other detainees in Canada, all of Arabian or Muslim origin held on suspicion of terrorism. Some of these cases have been heard in various courts.

CP: Could you tell us about some of your son’s most endearing qualities?

MK: Momin had excellent academic and moral discipline and had a very successful start to his professional career. Despite being under duress for a long time, he continues to pursue his academic goals and taking university courses through distance learning programs. He is honest, and very committed to human values of civic responsibility, law abiding and always eager to help others. He was an active volunteer at the local community serving the youngsters in teaching them religious studies, the Qur’an and Mathematics. He is a very family oriented person. We hope and pray to Allah that he will be free soon and resume his normal life.

CP: You have mentioned that your family is still subject to harassment and restrictions from the Canadian authorities. What has been the impact on your family?

MK: Our ordeal does not have any apparent wounds, burning fire or smoke coming out, but we have been mistreated by the authorities as second class citizens and destabilised in all social and economic domains of human life by the government.

CP: What has been the response of the Canadian public to the case?

MK: From another perspective, Canada is a beautiful country and people are soft-hearted, very nice and supportive of human values that we all share in common. Most of the public are with us and have extended their moral support to our cause and our call for Momin’s freedom.

CP: What do you think of the media reaction to the detention of you son?

MK: Most leading media outlets are aligned with the governments in North America, paid, bought and bribed; they would not tell the real story to public or the side of the accused. Most journalists would reflect on official versions of accusations. You are welcome to see the writers of the Ottawa Citizen newspaper.

CP: Do you have any comments on Cageprisoners’ work?

MK: Cageprisoners is a real humanitarian project: you deserve all of our sympathy and support for your goals to help those who have been forced into difficult situations and to extend hope to those who appear hopeless under the impact of official cruelty and injustice, and to offer practical help enabling all of us to build a better world and a more respectable future for all, regardless of ethnic origin and racial identity. As Muslims, we see the humanity as one, and believe in standing together in unity for human rights, peace, justice and happiness for all.

CP: Mahboob, thank you for speaking to us.

Take action for Momin Khawaja


Omar Khyam Has Finally Been Moved From HMP Frankland

Assalaamu alaikum

 Omar Khyam was finally moved from HMP Frankland to HMP Full Sutton in York on the 30th of January 2008. He is no longer in solitary confinement. Omar was held in solitary confinement from 17th October until 30th January under very difficult conditions. Alhamdulillah he has finally been moved and is no longer living in such restrictions. Jazaak Allah khair to all those who campaigned for him and made du’aa for him.

We must not forget that Eesa Barot and Hussain Osman are still in Frankland and that we must still try to get them moved as well. So please keep them in your du’aas and continue your support towards them inshallah.


Umm Ibrahim

Miscarriage Of Justice

 How many Muslims have they Captured,
Miscarriages of Justice Manufactured.
Depriving them of the freedom they Deserve,
Separating them from the ones they Love.
Injustice in the name of Democracy,
In truth it’s nothing but Hypocrisy.
Illegally tortured in their secret Prisons,
The price we pay for being Muslim Citizens.
From your dependant children you’re taken Away,
For the agenda of oppressors they must Pay.
You only ever live life Once,
Now imagine it in a cell without a Chance.
An issue we choose to ignore Today,
Whilst people still suffer in Guantanamo Bay.
What will it take for you to Realise?
Their racist plots have begun to Materialise.
Restrained and confined by control Orders,
A developing police state over shadows Us.
Invasion of privacy at their Discretion,
Call it a security measure; yet another Deception.
God is on the side of the Oppressed,
So never let this issue get you Depressed.
Now is the time that we are being Tested,
Or will we truly realise when we’re also Arrested?

Written by Silent Wind

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