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Almost A Year On….

Date Written: 5 April 2008

A year complete on 24 April this year (08)
A year since the arrests of those 6 sincere
Dawn raids were carried out on the very same day
Their wives and their children stood shocked all the way

Was it hectic, frustrating or unbelievable – you and I don’t know
Only those who have been through it would be able to show
How their children must’ve felt, when the fathers were taken away
How their wives would await their arrival every second, every day

To Paddington Green Police station they were then taken
They were accused of raising funds for purposes of terrorism
Solitary Confinement, they were kept in for hours and days
Strip searched were their rights, CCTV cameras were in their way

But the number did not pause on the sincere 6 brothers
2 more were arrested from their prison cells to join the others
Financial documents were taken from their homes for research
‘Just in case’ they raised funds to bomb a synagogue or a church!

Their names need not mentioning, it won’t be of any benefit
For your duty is towards them no matter where they sit
All you need to know is that they are your brothers who are not free
Open your ears and eyes, so that you may hear them and see

19 days left till the year is complete
Their verdicts will be sooner – possibly next week
Remember them in your du’aas even if you don’t know them for sure
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Written by Anonomous