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A Poem Dedicated To Omar Khadr

Early morning’s sleepy glow
Life’s snatched and melted flow
Ravaging cries, burnt lies, a world’s humanity sunken so low
A humble sigh, why, was all he wanted to know

The inflicted torment
The forgotten lament
Rainbows of hate and detriment
Bound over blind eyes, confinement

Lashes of inconceivable harm
Lay in sullen stripes on a swollen palm
Some poor words, some slight right,
meant to spell contentment and calm
Oh Freedom, my Freedom, is the only balm

Smells of forgotten rain
Caught within the justice of detain
In red and blue bruises of pain
Scarred upon the flag, an orange stain

The delicious hand of peace
In the shackles of treaties
The cells are guarded by seas
The waves that taunt memories

I’ve held him by his fingers
And they were stricken cold
We will hold him by his heart
And it shall be spun gold

The skies and stars are weeping in rue
Once more, may you feel the sun’s stripy hue
The Highest Honour is written for only a special few
Oh Omar Khadr, may the Almighty forever free you

Written by Juhayfa Bint Shoaib