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Some Lessons Learnt Behind Bars – What’s Your Excuse?

It was late at night

And I lay still on my bed

-In my cell-

Sleepy yet unable to sleep

Restless and Wide awake

Feeling scared and uneasy

Thinking about my family and friends

Thinking about life in the Hereafter

-Thinking about Death-

I got lost in my thoughts


Thought about death

-So deeply-

Thought about the End of the World

Thought about the Signs of the End of the World

Thought about my beloved family


My eyes wide open

-Conscious yet not breathing-

I was trembling and shivering

I was feeling cold and I was feeling scared


‘Death could get us all at any time’

-I thought-

‘I’m scared to die

I’m not ready for death

I’ve not done anything right

I’ve not repented enough

I know I’ll be going to hell


I want to go home to my family

And be able to tell them how much they mean to me’


My mind taking control

-Thoughts of regret swam through my head-

I never done anything right

I had plenty of time to repent

-Yet I never repented-

It’s not until I was imprisoned

-That I began thinking-

That I began repenting

That I began -Whole Heartedly- praying

That I came to understand the importance of loving and caring

About how much -Family- meant

The importance of parents

The importance of life


My prayers lasted four to five hours

My du’aa lasted three to four hours

I would weep

I would cry

-Out Aloud-

I would -Desperately- ask Allah

For His Divine help


I didn’t like where I was

The place scared me

It didn’t feel right

I felt out of place

I felt like a stranger

-Like a sheep in a herd of camels-


I felt scared of the fellow prisoners

They were big and tall

I thought they were going to hurt me

-Beat me and kick me-


The prisoners were scary looking

Always looking drugged and doped

Yet I refused to judge them

-By what I saw-


I didn’t want to know about their crime

I didn’t even mind about being locked up in solitary confinement

Because it was much safer

-Than being out there amongst them-


Prison aint a place for a Muslim

It aint a place for an innocent person


It aint a ‘cool’ place to be

It is Hell inside


The prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) said:

‘This Dunya is like a Prison for the believers’


Indeed the saying is true


But when in prison

And you look around

And you observe the place

And the kinds of people inside

And you sit and contemplate

And you think deeply about life


You come to the realisation that

Prison is hell

And it is heaven



But once released

And you’re out

The Dunya is indeed a prison for the believers


I came to learn a lot about my religion

-Whilst inside-

By reading the Holy Quran


And my main regret

Is that I never concentrated on the Quran

-When outside-

I never even tried to understand

I read but I never contemplated upon the


Words of Allah


I experienced Islam

-When inside-

I experienced what

-Being a Muslim-

Is all about


The way we’re meant to

-Fear Allah-

So much fear should be in our hearts

That we should be scared not just to close our eyes

-But to even blink-

In fear that


Could get us



That we should be happy and eager to

-Meet Allah-

For the one who is

-Eager to meet Allah-

Indeed Allah is eager to meet him

Yet at the same time

We should be scared to meet Allah

-In fear that He may not be happy with us-

Due to the amount of


Sins we all commit

Knowingly and unknowingly


Not just read but


On the


Wordings of the Holy Quran


The amount of respect we are meant to show our parents


We’re never that busy

So why don’t we do Dhikr

-On our right fingers-

Why do we not Praise

Thank and Glorify Allah?



So many questions asked

And so many lessons learnt


We are Muslims

And the Quran is our Holy Book


I learnt millions and millions of lessons

-When inside-

But these lessons were learnt

Not just from my experience

Of being inside

But mostly from reading the Holy Quran


You don’t have to be imprisoned to read the Quran

Look to your right

Look to your left

Look in front of you

-There should be a Quran somewhere near you-


Start in the name of Allah

Pick it up

Open it

Read it




And put into practise


We Muslim prisoners have no excuses

And nor should you

Because I


Just told you what to do


And if you didn’t pick up


Of the lessons from this poem

Then I suggest you re-read

-By scrolling to the top-


Written by LyricalEnigma


Intro Of The LyricalEnigma

The LyricalEnigma is here to tell a story


A story of pain,




This life,

The Hereafter,


Loving and Trusting Allah,

And having faith and hope in Allah and much much more….


This is a new beginning

A new life

A second chance

This is a new person – Alhamdulillah-

Who will Lyrically explain from personal experience

The journey of a Muslim’s life


It is from the heart and soul

It is more empathetic than sympathetic


Scenes will be created

-from words-

But it is up to you to ponder

To try to imagine

-without you having to literally experience-


It is up to you to understand and listen

To acknowledge and to put into practise

-the lessons that have been learnt-


It is only my duty to teach what I came to learn

-because God forbid-

I do not wish to be held accountable

For not teaching the new and beautiful lessons

-that I was taught-

You will be entering my mind

-but it is not just any mind-

It is the mind of a Muslim

Who was falsely imprisoned


And I am just one out of many

-who are or were innocently behind bars-


I am….


The LyricalEnigma

And I am here to tell a Lyrical Story…..


Written by LyricalEnigma