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Miscarriage Of Justice

 How many Muslims have they Captured,
Miscarriages of Justice Manufactured.
Depriving them of the freedom they Deserve,
Separating them from the ones they Love.
Injustice in the name of Democracy,
In truth it’s nothing but Hypocrisy.
Illegally tortured in their secret Prisons,
The price we pay for being Muslim Citizens.
From your dependant children you’re taken Away,
For the agenda of oppressors they must Pay.
You only ever live life Once,
Now imagine it in a cell without a Chance.
An issue we choose to ignore Today,
Whilst people still suffer in Guantanamo Bay.
What will it take for you to Realise?
Their racist plots have begun to Materialise.
Restrained and confined by control Orders,
A developing police state over shadows Us.
Invasion of privacy at their Discretion,
Call it a security measure; yet another Deception.
God is on the side of the Oppressed,
So never let this issue get you Depressed.
Now is the time that we are being Tested,
Or will we truly realise when we’re also Arrested?

Written by Silent Wind


Suggestive Thinking

How has the world become so Blind?
Fallen victim of conditioning of the subconscious Mind
The media machine becomes your Education
A means for the Devils Advocation
They create an enemy for you to Fear
“They’ll deprive you of that which you hold so Dear”
In the illusion of fear you make a suggestive Judgment
Now they’ve already begun the army’s Deployment
They kill under the guise of the war on Terror
People just like you become the receptors of Horror
They destroy their culture and steal their Resources
Orphans and Widows left to pick up the Pieces
Houses, Schools and Hospitals Destroyed
Yet how is it we don’t seem too Annoyed
Maybe cos they work hard to protect their Image
Killing hundreds and calling it collateral Damage
How much do we hate the suicide Bomber
Where did he come from ever Wonder?
One kills in the Name of Greed
Whilst the other kills in the name of Creed
They destroyed their country in the name of Freedom
Now don’t you wish you’d employed more Wisdom
They continue to spread fear of the suicide Bomber
But they killed their own on eleven September
How many more innocents will they make Pay
We haven’t forgotten those in Guantanamo Bay
They’ll continue till they Succeed
No matter how many Bleed
What will it take for them to take Heed
Never will they satisfy their Greed
So next time you read the News
Think twice before adopting Views

Written By Silent Wind