Poem For Our Detained Brothers

He called from his cage

He banged on the door

His fists were bleeding

His heart did it more

They bound him in chains

He never saw the rain

Where they kicked him, there he lain

Brother, brother, detained

They wouldn’t give him water

They believed he’d led some inhumane slaughter

He wasn’t allowed letters from his son or his daughter

They threatened him with bullet and mortar

They threw at him abuse

Because they wanted him to loose

And could entrap him in their ruse

He was silent and that made them confused

Prevented him from taking a shower

They feel big when they exercise their power

This is how they cower

Humans, like the wilting flower

The interrogations were simply futility

They were creative in their brutality

They stripped him of all morality

Couldn’t do that to his individuality

He was made to live on less than those in monastery

They certainly didn’t care for honesty

A ray of sun, barely momentary

Walking was thought complementary

There he lay, caged in number and formation

Dressed in orange humiliation

Forced to admit he belonged to a non-existent corporation

Please know, that it was under duress information

Tears lashed his dusty heart

The way forever on the straightest path

Sorrow mourned his weary eyes

Here he suffered, from their lies

All day, all night, in shackle

Oh dearest Muslim Ummah, Oh what a debacle… 

Written by Juhayfa Bint Shoaib


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