Happy Eid

O Crescent, Depart!

They said:
The Happy Eid is coming…

Happy Eid? While the earth is still wet
with the blood of the shaheed (martyr)?
And the war has tired itself
And loathed those she perishes

A Happy Eid in the palaces of the pampered
A miserable Eid in the tents of the refugees
Oh Crescent, Our footsteps have grown old
And Happiness is still very far from us

Disappear O Crescent!
Do not come with your happy Eid
With groans
I do not want an Eid with a cut aorta

Do you think Eid is in sweets?
And new clothing?
Do you think Eid is a compliment
underlined in a newspaper?

Depart Oh Crescent,
And appear when the time will smile
And when the flames of tribulations will die out

Come to us
When the evening will be covered with our smiles
and when the snow on our paths will melt

Come to us with fragrance
With Glory and Clear Victory

Come to us with a full healing for Muslims
This is the Happy Eid
And other than that for us is not an Eid

Depart oh Crescent
Till You see this Ummah’s flags
Waving high with pride
For there is Eid in there

What Eid?
When the distressed are smiling with the happy?


1 Comment »

  1. Linda Said:

    Salaamun Alaykum Wa Rahmatullaah

    I have never read anything that more captures the way I feel now.

    Jazak’allah Khair
    Your Sister In Islam

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