Restrained Freedom Of Speech

Freedom of speech; the pride of the West,
To this inconsistent concept they are Obsessed.

Let me show you how this concept is Flawed,
Like a placebo tablet; a collateral Fraud!

A restriction on speech; even one Limitation,
Freedom becomes destroyed by its core Definition.

So what do we find upon closer Examination,
Hypocrisy and Contradiction in judicial Application.

So they say you can’t incite Terrorism,
It proves false your indispensable Patriotism.

This is just a mere Example,
Of how the notion is flawed in Principle.

So in reality its limited Speech,
Like every other nation its offender you Impeach.

You condone the incitement of various Crimes,
The effects of which have materialised numerous Times.

Have you forgotten the death of Jamie Bulger?
It was the incitement you condoned that resulted in Murder.

The exposure of violence depicted so Raw,
Poisoned their minds with no regard for the Law.

You Incite and Glamorise illegal Drugs,
Killing and stealing people acting like Thugs.

Rappers singing about rape and Drive-By’s,
But its the ‘Poetic Lyricist’ that you Criticise!

Social morality begins to Decay,
But you never think to change your Way.

Incitement of Terrorism is not the Point,
It’s the inconsistent application of your Viewpoint.

Incitement of crime in the guise of Movies and Rap,
Only the ignorant will fail to see your Trap.

How many a youngster has Scar face Inspired?
To all these crimes committed you’ve partly Conspired.

Can’t you see there’s no freedom of Speech,
What’s more is your practice is far from what you Preach.


Written By Silent Wind


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