Don’t forget your Sister Samina

A reminder to all the brothers and sisters that sister samina’s sentencing is tomorow, please keep her in your dua’s, May Allah free her from the hands of the Taghut and oppressors.

Remember Allah will ask you, what did you do for your sister!

 “Abu Hamdun (one of the Tabi’in) had a scroll on which was written the names of three hundred of his close friends, and he used to supplicate for them – one by one – every single night.”

[‘Sifat as-Safwah’; 1/49]

Remember your sister in your duas tonight, remember her in your Qunoot, remember her at the time of tahujjud, remember her whilst you will be busy with your dunya tomorrow, remember where she will be!

O Allah grant our sister patience!

Sa‘d ibn Abî Waqqâs (RA) said: “I asked the Prophet (SAAS) who among the people are most severely tried? He said, ‘The Prophets, then the right acting people, and so on down through various categories of people. Man will be tested according to the strength of his faith. The stronger his faith, the more severe his trial, and the weaker his faith, the lighter his trial. The believer will be continually tested until he walks on earth with all his wrong actions forgiven’.”  (al-Bukhârî)

 O Allah we make dua’ to you, The Most High, to free our sister, Ameen!


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