Reid’s Henchmen Assault Muslim Inmates

HMP WandsworthEarlier this week, a large number of Muslim prisoners were racially and physically assaulted by staff at HMP Wandsworth, Surrey.

Officers at the prison ceased the opportunity to use excessive violence on the Muslim inmates after they refused to undergo a degrading strip search.

One of the prisoners was put in a headlock and beaten by the guards. “They twisted my arm and I was screaming out of pain, but they wouldn’t stop. They then pinned me to the floor and one of the officers stood on my neck while the others were punching me.”

“I tried to explain how my religion forbids me to remove my clothes and expose my private parts in front of other people, but they didn’t want to listen. Instead they started swearing at me and my religion and calling me a f***ing Muslim.”

The past few weeks have seen a number of incidents in which Muslim prisoners have been physically and racially abused by White racist inmates and prison guards.

Prisoners at the notorious HMP Frankland have had boiling water and oil poured over them and their cells set on fire. Yet, despite such reports of abuse, the Governor insists the prison is a “safe and secure environment”.

Instead of being transferred to more secure prisons, Muslim victims of racial and religious abuse are kept in segregation (solitary confinement) “for their own security”, where they are deprived of basic human rights and privileges.

An inquest has been made into the attacks, but so far Government and senior officials have done nothing about reported abuse of Muslim prisoners in British jails, allowing them to suffer in silence.

Muslims continue to be victimised even after being punished.

Please write to Abdullah Ibrahim Hassan, one of the victims of the religious attacks at HMP Wandsworth.

Ibrahim Hassan WW7450
HMP Wandsworth
PO BOX 757
Heathfield Road
SW18 3HF



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