Support Your Sister Samina

Assalaamu alaikum

We have previously mentioned our sister Samina who has been convicted under the terrorism act and is due to be sentenced on the 6th of December. We ask all of you, brothers and sisters, to please write to her letters of support InshAllah. This is a very testing time for her and her family, as she awaits her sentence. Please make du’aa for her and all the sisters going through similar trials.

Please send your letters to:

Samina Malik

Ahmed & Co Solicitors

67a Camden High Street



May Allah reward you for your efforts, Ameen.



  1. Umm Ayyub Said:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    I was reading about the prophet Hud (as) and came across an Ayaah in the Quraan and I really thought of the situation that the muslim ummah is in today. SubhanAllah why are we given stories of the prophets as examples? The simple answer is to learn from their examples and to see and learn from what they went through for the sake of Allah swt. Each and every one of them went through hardship in order to profess the message of Islaam. The Aayah that I wanted to quote from the Quran is from surah 11 the ayah is found between 50-57 (sorry I dont know exactly which one it is):

    ‘So plot against me, all of you, and give me no respite. I put my trust in Allah, my Lord and your Lord! There is not a moving creature but He has a grasp of its forelock. Verily my Lord is on the straight path.’

    SubhanAllah I pray that Allah helps sister Samina through her difficulties and that He distroys the plot of the disbelievers against her and all the other brothers and sisters being subjected to imprisonment and torture for the sake of Islaam. Ameen!


  2. abdur-rahman Said:

    amin to your du´a sister Umm Ayyub.
    SubhanAllah it dosn´t get much worse then when they inprison a sister.
    May Allah protect sister Samina and keep her and her family on the staright path.

  3. al-Furqaan Said:

    JazaakhuMullaah Khayr For Your Beautiful Words, Samina Certainly Is Happy, Esp For The Support From Everyone

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