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A Poem Dedicated To All Prisoners

My dedication to all prisoners of faith:

Restrained in a chair, tied too tightly from the wrists

I screamed with pain as they threw their heavy fists

Deep into me, toppling me to the hard wooden floor

One kicked my body and asked if i wanted some more

So tired and beaten, no escape from this ongoing Hell

The interrogation finally ended & I returned to my cell

An evil leader some years ago sold me off to the USA

To be shackled and hooded, and flown to Camp X-ray

Here I waited, beaten and humiliated by the shayateen

Forced to view sick images that I had never before seen

What crime had I committed, what wrong had I done

To be imprisoned for years, distanced from my son

I longed to converse with my fellow brothers detained

All the same, physically abused and mentally drained

I looked down at my own body scarred and tortured

O Allah! You are a Witness to all that I have endured

Sodomy being a norm for the perverted soldiers here

I prayed the punishment of Lut be on them severe

I stared blankly at the cell’s heavy mesh-sided walls

Recalling my pre-imprisonment dreams & future goals

From being a Qur’an Hafidh to a dedicated family man

They’d stolen my dreams but strengthened my iman

I smiled at the memory of my faithful, loving wife

So beautiful and optimistic in her outlook on life

Never once had she wavered in her loyalty to me

Her letters brought me hope, patience & certainty

That this test is hard and the loneliness so great

But we cannot change what’s written in our fate

Allah swt decides for us only that which is good

And I accept His Decree as a true believer should

Yet I dream of a day when I’ll walk freely like you

But will I be so happy & carefree, really like you?

My life is shattered and I am mentally scarred

Picking up the pieces seems incredibly hard

Which brother would I turn to if ever in need?

He who neglects my family out of fear & greed?

Shunned & abandoned by the ‘Muslim’ community

Our children cry helplessly while you call for Unity

What good is your Unity when you ignore their tears

Of this great injustice the Almighty Watches & Hears

A day may come when you too call out in desperation

When your heart bleeds from a similar painful seperation

Help support us & our families, O Muslims to you we turn

Do what you can by showing genuine brotherly concern.

By UR (Nelson, uk)