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Is This A Reason To Rejoice?

The recent reduction in the sentences for the ‘cartoon protesters’ which was highlighted as a ‘success’ and ‘win’ by the media shows once again how the objective of the British Government has been achieved with the support from it’s mouthpiece. Rather than rejoicing at the cut in the jail terms one must remember the reasons why they were convicted in the first place, those reasons which were as bogus and as corrupted as the British regime itself. Those brothers were put on trial for simply defending the honour of the Messenger (saw) which was insulted by a selection of European countries and rather than punishing the real perpetrators of the crime our brothers were put behind bars as a result. If at the time of conviction the brothers were sentenced to 4 years our response would have been ‘audhubillah, how harsh’ but now that it has been reduced from 6 years to 4, the majority seem to be rejoicing.

My dear Muslims, these brothers should never have been put on trial in the first instance, let alone be convicted of a crime that doesn’t exist; all they did was speak against the munkar that became prevalent around them. Those few words, slogans or placards should never have resulted in this oppression and injustice against them, yet the masses fail to see the propaganda by the taghout regime of Britain who are trying their utmost to silence those sincere da’iees who dare to speak out against the atrocities against the Muslims, be it here or abroad. The fact that these brothers were even arrested for attending a demonstration was outrageous to say the least, let alone then to be given such harsh prison sentences. It seems that all those who fulfil the command of their Lord by openly and publicly speaking the haqq like these brothers as well as people Sheikh Abu Hamza, Sheikh Abu Qatada, Abu Izzadeen, Abu Abdullah, and many others, are being incarcerated as a result.

My dear Muslims, no court can decide the outcome of any trial for indeed they plot and plan yet Allah (swt) is the best of planners and if He (swt) were to allow it then these brothers would walk free tomorrow no matter what decision the courts would take. Never be grateful to the enemies of Allah as Allah (swt) has told us that what they conceal in their hearts is far worse than what they utter. Allah (swt) has chosen to test these brothers in the dunya and we pray that because of it He (swt) raises their status in the akhira and lets them be from those who match the criteria from the following hadith narrated by the Messenger (saw) when he was asked, “O Messenger of Allah! Which of mankind suffers the severest?’ He (saw) replied: ‘The prophets, then the righteous, then those who are most like them, then those who are most like them. The man is tried according to his strength in his Deen. So, if his obedience and piety is sound, then his tests and hardships are increased; and if his obedience and piety is weaker, then his (tests and hardships) is lighter – and the believer is continuously tested until he walks on the Earth without any sins on him.”

There are many brothers and sisters on or awaiting trial simply for speaking the haqq and attempting to establish Allah’s deen in their lives and amongst the society in which they live. These crimes of the British Government or any other taghout regime should never deter the Muslims from speaking the truth, for you should know my dear Muslims that if they were all to gather to harm you they would never succeed unless by the leave of Allah (swt) and remember that ultimately the victory is always for the Muslims be it by ibtilaa in the dunya or Jannah in the akhira. Rest assured that the enemies of Allah (swt) will face the real prison when they are tried and convicted by Allah the Almighty in the hellfire forever.

Written by Umm Zakariya – Wife of a detainee