Jury Out To Make Decision On Samina

Assalaamu alaikum

The jury went out on Monday 29th October at 2.10pm to make a decision on Samina. It is a very testing time on Samina and her family. I urge you all to please make du’aa for her release and for the jury to come back with a not guilty verdict inshAllah. We can’t even imagine how hard it is for them, especially because she is a sister and a prison is not the place for her. The next few days and hours are crucial, please do not forget her in your du’aas.

We have no idea how her mum cries and pleads to her Lord and says please don’t take my baby away from me. How difficult it is to have your daughter taken away and put in a prison amongst kuffaar who have no idea about Muslim beliefs or hayaa. How she has to see her daughter suffer day in day out and cannot take away the pain from her and secretly cries to her Lord. How she has supported her daughter and had to endure this difficult test. May Allah reward her immensly and never allow them to take her daughter away from her, ameen ameen ameen.

Ya Umm Samina, May Allah bestow His Mercy upon on you and your family, May He fill your heart with tranquility and patience. May He reward you for all the hardship you have endured and will endure for His sake. Ameen. And know that after every hardship there is ease.

Allahumma fukka ukhtanaa Samina, wa arsilhaa ilaa usratihaa, wa unsurhaa ya rabbal ‘alameen. Allahumma Ameen.

O Allah free our sister Samina, and return her to her family, and help her O Lord of all that exists.


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  1. Umm Ayyub Said:

    Ameen to the dua above. It is really really sad that we have to face such a time now. The worst place for a muslimah is a prison full of convicts. The sister must be going through a very tough time not to mention the sorrow her mother must be feeling. I pray that Allah swt frees the sister from the prison and that the verdict comes as not guilty. These kuffaar plan, but Allah swt is THE BEST OF PLANNERS. Ya Allah listen to the dua of ur slaves and aid the muslim Ummah in this time of need. AMEEN.

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