The Raid


Bang bang bang….go …now…now…go!

Plummet from my fairy tale dream
The distorted beats and lyrics pierce through the silent mist of the morning
Louder than a mother wailing for her dead child
They enter like hounds looking for their morning meal
Guns in hand
Eye on the prize
Gliding through the darkness like a professional skater on ice

Get down.. get down ..or I’ll shoot

The rhythm of the trigger being loaded, the lyrics that cause my heart to skip a beat or two
So frightened I lay bare
The hound caught his meal
To God I pray, the entity Most High,
‘The hands who my soul is in…decree what You will and increase what You will, for I submit to You and You Alone’Eye to eye

The end

Written by the wife of a detainee



  1. Umm Ayyub Said:

    Assalamu alaikum,

    This poem sent shivers down me, its experiences like this that make you realise that no-one is safe from these raids. I pray that Allah keeps us all steadfast and that Allah swt helps the muslimin in all affairs. May Allah protect our brothers and sisters in prison and may Allah grant victory to the believers. AMEEEEN.

  2. alkhilafahinshaAllah Said:

    assalam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh yaaa ukhti

    subhanAllah! these lyrics are absolutely beautiful. may Allah swt have mercy on you and on the poetess and your families and the slaves who are striving on the straight Path in Allah’s Way aameen.

  3. Umm Said:

    Ameen. Oh Allah, grant us the Islamic State in our lifetimes, where our honour is safe from the thaalimoon.

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