Sim Card Found In Inmates Cell

 We are hearing more and more of other prisons like Whitemoor following in Frankland’s trend of abuse to its Muslim inmates. It is clear now that it is not isolated to certain Prisons, but the start of the dehumanisation of our brothers. All their rights, dignity and integrity are stripped from them and worse of all, all our complaints and theirs, fall on deaf ears.

This incident concerns A. Garcia, he has always abided by the rules and has good relations with everyone even the guards. After his conviction and transfer to Whitemoor it was stated in his prisoner’s report that he was radicalising other inmates in Belmarsh. Subhanallah, the most that he has ever done in Belmarsh is attend some dhikr gatherings, that’s all!

A month into his stay at Whitemoor, he found himself in a middle of a sim card scandal. He remembers that the very same morning, he was cleaning out his cell, and he did his bed daily as per usual. There was ‘apparently’ a random inspection and a sim card was found in the most unlikely of places…it was found placed on the rim of the metal bed frame for all to see. My brother denied that it was his and asked them to hurry up the investigation so that they can prove that it was not his, after all his fingerprints and contact numbers should confirm if it his or not.

It was obviously fixed, it was planted there so that it can go down on his report to hinder his future in prison. It has now been over three months since this incident and my brother has not been told the outcome. Surely, if it was his, they would have punished him, and he has not been offered an explanation nor an apology.

Their aim was to smear his name, and finding a sim is worse than having drugs inside, but because he is a practising Muslim, planting drugs in his cell would not have been feasible. The matter now has been ‘hushed’ up but it goes without saying that if he was found guilty he would of have had to face up to the consequences, but who will punish the perpetrators? Who will be held responsible? Will that person be held accountable? No.

Slowly our brothers’ rights are being taken away so that soon these small incidents will be seen as normal and these injustices will increase in number and severity. May Allah protect them and reward their hardships with hasannat inshallah. Please do not underestimate the power of your du’aa. Salam alikum wa rahmatullahi ta’ala wa barakatuh.

Written by the sister of Anthony Garcia (Haaris)


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  1. layla Said:

    listen yeah muslims stay strong believe in allah and he will get u tro these kufs cant get the better off you

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