The ‘Wonderful’ Eid In Whitemoor

 Is there going to be any day that’ll be right for the Muslims?

This is the day where we all must praise the creator for his blessings upon us.

Eid day 12th October 07

            In order to attend the Eid prayer and feast, Muslim inmates in Whitemoor prison had to fill in a form a few days before Eid. Normally the inmates would have been informed about Eid on the night before by a phone call from the imam to the prison. But in this case they were told at around 10am on Eid day so they had begun their Eid fasting!

            However two Muslim inmates were stopped on Eid by some guards from going to the hall where the prayer and feast were being held. The inmates explained to them that they had filled in the form and handed it in and if it had got lost, it was the prison’s fault. The guards didn’t seem to do anything about it, so the inmates requested a call to the governor to inform him of the situation. This is because all governors have the right to make or change any decision at any time. Following this call, they were allowed to attend.

            Most of the inmates had gathered in the main hall to start the Eid prayer. The imam was about to start but everyone said that they’ll wait for the rest to come before praying. (There were approximately 20 missing) The imam didn’t seem to care and told them to pray without them. Everyone wanted to know why some hadn’t arrived yet. Therefore a phone call was made to the governor to see if he can resolve the issue.

            The governor then came and patronised them by saying how they’ve got special treatment this Eid and should be grateful for what they’ve done. And he also mentioned that the 20 or so missing people couldn’t make it and gave excuses. So everyone in the hall protested to the governor that if he doesn’t bring the people left behind, they will not pray or eat. Following the strike the governor then bought 5 of those who didn’t come but the rest still remained.

            The governor then asked the ones who were on strike to go to a smaller hall beside the one they were in. Everyone except a few went to the other hall. The idea of going to a smaller room with no apparent reason was suspicious as, one of the inmates had seen 30-40 guards with riot gear on just outside the main hall for ‘something’ to happen.

            After this they were confined to their wings (blocks) and some had started to cook in the kitchen. There in the kitchen was an inmate with a miswaak in his hands and was asked by a guard what it was. He explained that it was for his teeth, but regarding this the guard pressed the emergency alarm which automatically locks everyone in their cells. This only occurs when big incidents happen such as serious fights, possession of weapons etc. the guard must have a very vivid imagination to see a seewak as a gun or a knife. This is obvious that the guards wanted to ruin the day that brings joy and happiness to Muslims.

            Consequently everyone stayed in their cells for a while until their cell doors started to open but they only let them out a floor at a time. Normally for Eid they’d been let out for longer, but this Eid was different.

            Is this what the governor meant by telling everyone that Whitemoor is giving you a ‘wonderful’ Eid? By having a whole riot geared army waiting outside while all they wanted to do is pray and to be happy that day, even though they’re imprisoned from their loved ones. Would they have acted the same at Christmas?

Written by the family of Anthony Garcia (Haaris)


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