Another Attack On a Muslim In Frankland

Just when people start to forget the horrific incident with Eesa Barot and Hussein Osman, it happens again. Muslim inmate, Yaqoob, had his cell set on fire and attacked physically on Monday 8th October in Frankland. It is still not clear of the details as he was moved straight away, this may be because he is in healthcare. This is the third attack on Muslim inmates now in the same prison within a few months. Are the Muslims expected to just carry on being attacked and do nothing? Or is it time to retaliate?

When the Irish went through the same thing when they were imprisoned what did they do? They retaliated and fought back and it resulted in separate wings for the Irish. Will the Muslims now have to do the same for their protection? But I suppose if they do then as usual they will be painted in the media as ‘barbaric’ and ‘evil’. 

This is becoming a bigger problem and I urge the prison service and Frankland to do their duty of protecting the prisoners, because if they don’t, then its only a matter of time before the Muslims fight back. I urge all you brothers and sisters to remember this brother and his family in your du’aas and please keep on writing to the governor and ask him why is he allowing this to happen and to move the Muslim prisoners from there.

We as a Muslim community will not sit back and allow this to keep happening to our brothers. We have a duty to them. They are locked up and are being attacked. We have to be their voice and fight for them, we have to be their shield to protect them. We have no excuse after reading this to do nothing. They are attacking our brothers one by one, we need to get the others moved before they too are attacked. Please keep writing to the governor regarding Omar Khyam. Do not think that writing letters does not work, as Umm Tayyab says it worked for her when brothers in Canada were going through similar problems in prison. She kept writing and appealing and getting people to act and Alhamdulillah the situation eased.

O Allah Please protect our brothers and sisters in prison, not just here but wherever they may be. Grant our brother Yaqoob patience and a quick healing, cause him to be steadfast and strong. O Allah grant his family patience and strength and make them a strong pillar and support for him. Return him safe to his family. O Allah grant patience and quick healing to our brother Eesa. O Allah grant patience and protection to our brother Osman. O Allah move all these brothers far away from evil people who carry out such evil acts. O Allah keep them safe from harm. O Allah break the shackles of our prisoners wherever they may be. O Allah break the shackles of our prisoners wherever they may be. O Allah break the shackles of our prisoners wherever they may be. Allahumma Ameen.

 Written by Umm Ibrahim (Mrs Khyam)



  1. Ameen, Ameen, Ameen!

  2. arfa khanam Said:

    it is not accetable, you are not respecting our faith!!!!

  3. Maureen Said:

    To write to the governor (or for that matter MPs) we need Br.Yaqoob’s second name,his prisoner number and the address of the prison.

    Have Amnesty been informed and what, if anything,are they doing ?

    Be careful of language! ‘Fight back’by writing letters,lobbying, picketing the jail,yes. But given the unspeakable things they did to civilians, the IRA are absolutely no model. Beware of legal penalties, getting the umma a bad name, and maybe jehannah too.

  4. Umm Yusuf Said:

    yes as an ummah we should be concerned worried and proactive for all the oppressed. Who do we write to?

  5. umm A Said:

    aswrwb sister, I am writting an article abt this topic, I would greatly need some help, would u mind helping me… may Allah reward u… just email me please ASAP InshaAllah.

    fe aman Ilah

    umm A

  6. Umm Ibrahim Said:

    For Maureen

    At the moment I dont have any more information on his surname or his prisone number. But when you write to the governor, he will know who you are talking about as it is clear and has been confirmed by Frankland that an attack took place on him. The address is:
    The Governor
    HMP Frankland
    DH1 5YD

    I have been to different human rights organisations before when this problem first arose and there wasn’t much action on their part so I have given up on that.

    I haven’t written anywhere that the Muslims should fight back, i have said the IRA fought back and they got protection because of this. We have so far done everything by the book and what response have we had? The prison service and Frankland are not doing anything to protect the muslim prisoners. All I am saying is there’s only so much you can take, how many attacks will carry on taking place and the muslims will sit back and take it? It is not fair on them. I refer to the IRA because a lot of them did carry out attacks but also a lot of them were innocent too. And they all experienced a very difficult time in prison which is similar to what the muslims are going through. I am not saying they are our role models, but if that is the only way the prison will listen then is this the way Muslims will have to go? They aren’t leaving them much choice are they?

    I dont believe this is giving the Ummah a bad name as Islam says to defend yourself. It doesnt say if you get slapped then turn your other cheek! We are muslims and we are not weak. We will stand up for ourselves and our Deen inshallah.


  7. ikhlaas Said:

    Salaam alaykum

    Everybody derserves protection when in prison, be he a guilty Muslim or innocent one, be he an Irish terrorist, or an innocent one caught up in the violence. The authorities are willing to provide protection to convicted paedophiles, rapists and mass murderers but when our Muslim brothers who are vulnerable to attacks of violence seek some protection, they are ignored. Sister Umm Ibrahim is right, these pleas are being ignored. When will the voice of the prisoners be heard, when each and every Muslim prisoner (detained for Terrorism) has had his cell burnt or had hot oil poured all over him? Such treatment is sickening, and those of authority who are ignoring the warning sirens are contributing towards this ill-treatment. Yet i am sure that if and when the Ummah retaliates towards the injustices, they are the guilty barbaric ones. Its a funny old world we live in.

  8. rabia Said:

    Ameen..Inshallah Bahi Omar will be with as soon..

  9. Sister A Said:

    Asalaamun alaykum wa rahmutullah wa barakatu ukhti

    I pray that you and your family are in the best of health and eeman inshallah. Im doing a project on this topic inshallah. I need accounts of brothers experineces in prison inshallah. Can you please contact me via email ASAP.

    jazakallah khair

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